Off The Clock, Prepping for Photolucida

I scoot up the coast to Portland, OR in a few short days to attend the Photolucida portfolio reviews. Over the last couple weeks, I've dedicated myself to self-reflect and study the 'body of work' I've created and collaborated with others on over the last couple years.  It's been an interesting, challenging and humbling process. I've looked over the collection of images to string together themes and concepts I tend to address and explore (maternal influence, loneliness, abandonment, tragedy and trauma, feminine experience, all contextualized in surrealist suspension and color), to find holes in any attempt at a narrative, and to map out where I want to go next. I continue to find more places to grow and ideas and feelings to touch. It's still just the beginning.

I am enthusiastic (and anxious) to meet with influential industry representatives and to take part in platform that connects, educates and inspires the international photography community. I'm also thrilled to travel back to the beautifully rad city of Portland. My husband and I have visited Portland a handful of times, each time plotting our move north from Los Angeles to the green, lush Pacific Northwest.  I will sift through Powell's Books, indulge in a Voodoo doughnut, sip a Stumptown Brew, hopefully, explore the woods and waterfalls of the surrounding area, and, most notably, take in a very deep breath of the fresh, non-dusty PNW air. I'll snap photos to share with you on my next entry. I'll be traveling with my talented friend Mallory Morrison, former photography school classmate, roommate, travel-mate and still excellent friend.

In addition to organizing my thoughts and new website, I also redesigned my business cards and portfolio boxes. I found an excellent and incredibly kind producer out of Philly, Bridget of Bella Forte Books.

I'll be in Portland until April 27th, which means I will unfortunately miss the APA-LA 'Off the Clock' curated group show opening reception on April 25th at the Santa Monica Art Studios. I was lucky enough to have three images selected by Melvin Sokolsky, legendary American photographer, filmmaker and curator of the 'Off the Clock' show. His iconic 60s bubble series and art photographs have resonated with and inspired me since I first studied his work. The following two images, most notably :

The three images of mine curated for the show by Melvin Sokolsky : 'Hardened Veil,' 'Crosswind,' + 'Gone.'

After a one night reception at the Santa Monica Art Studios, 'Off the Clock' will hang at four of the most influential advertising agencies in Los Angeles: Ignited, TBWA/ CHIAT/DAY, Deutsch and Saatchi & Saatchi LA.  I am sad to miss it.